Scientists and most states have strongly recommended the wearing of face masks in public areas to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). 


We are all in this together, so we have been determined to provide you with an affordable, comfortable, washable, and reusable face mask. Yes, you could use the disposable ones, however having a reusable face mask you are not only helping reducing waste but saving money.

Now we have the sports mask version, check them out!  You might ask; why around the neck? because it is easier to pull down or up, for drinking or having some nutrition and won't lose it (or fly away) while riding, running, or any other sports activity (like the ones around the ear).

Every time 5 masks we sell, Zoca will donate one to mask to healthcare providers or organizations like Food Bank, Goodwill Industries, Healthcare Providers. 

Times are changing so we are adapting. Give your team/club/company a comfortable, washable, and long-lasting mask. You will also help the environment by reducing the amount of face mask waste.

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